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The Ultimate Beatdown

For blog 10 I will be writing about Georgia vs Florida last Saturday. If you are any sort of a sports fan you knew this weekend was centered around Georgia vs Florida. For me, a Gator fan, this is the biggest game of the year because the FSU game was canceled. Most of the timeContinue reading “The Ultimate Beatdown”


For Blog 9 I will be talking about “Newsy.com”. “Newsy.com” had a lot of interesting content that other websites do not. Obviously a lot of it is about the election because tonight is election night in America. Very interesting election because there are more voter than ever and there are stories just about anything youContinue reading “Newsy.com”

Hyper Local News

For this post are we are talking about hyperlocal news sites. Basically what hyper local news sites are, are very small sites for a small group of people and our very interesting. There are also hyper local news stations. Here In Tampa we have Fox 13 and Bay News 9. There are also radio stationsContinue reading “Hyper Local News”

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